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For many of us, we have the desire to become healthy but we don't know how to master the art of cooking! My original cookbook and recipes can assist you to get cooking in the kitchen.

I want to share my story with you. You see, in August of 2013 I was "roped in" to doing this 30 day program by my wife and I wanted to be supportive so I said "why the heck not". What I didn't expect was how amazing I would feel afterwards and what a transformation I would have. Before I did the program I felt sluggish and wasn't happy with my weight but I wasn't willing to give up the food I love so much. After completing the 30 days I felt amazing, I had more energy than ever and went down a size in both shirts and pants. I've been able to maintain my weight ever since because I changed my habits when it comes to what I eat. I still indulge but I don't let it derail me. Now I get to assist others to find their health and happiness as my new career.  Much more inspiring than just showing up to a job everyday for a paycheck!  I am grateful for my wife for roping me into doing this because it's one of the best decisions I've ever made both for my health and my wealth!

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Releasing weight is about a lot more than calories in and calories out.  It's about cultivating a mindset that will assist you to reach your goals.  Every week, I cover a new theme in creating your mindset to achieve your goals in life.

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     Before nutritional cleansing, I was feeling stuck.  I was training to become a health coach, but struggling with my own weight.  I was working out 3-4x a week doing 90 minute Bikram yoga classes, but wasn't seeing any results.  I had lost all the "baby weight" from my first pregnancy, but not any of the 15lbs  I had gained between getting married and becoming pregnant.  I was desperate to find a plan that would work for me. 

     I was introduced to nutritional cleansing by a fellow health coach.   We both wanted to lose weight before becoming pregnant a second time.  I've been on the products for over 2 years now, and I have never felt more in control of my body.  With my first cleanse in 2013 I lost 15lbs, felt amazing and was able to keep that off until I became pregnant again 6 months later.  Since giving birth last year, I have released 40lbs and I am in the best shape since having both my kids. 

     I am now able to go to dance class again without feeling self-conscious and I've even started going to boot camp classes that I was always afraid I couldn't handle.  I have my confidence and my body in a place where I feel free to do whatever I want, without worrying about being the "heaviest person in the room." The best part is that now, nutritional cleansing is the main focus of my health coaching practice.  I’ve assisted hundreds of people to get healthy and I am able to do this while being home with my children.  It has truly changed my life. I will never go a day without these products and this lifestyle!