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"Before nutritional cleansing, I was feeling hopeless. I felt as if I could never lose the amount of weight that I wanted to as a mother of a 5 month old and a 3 year old.  After I gave birth to my first daughter in 2011, I decided to start running. I was running almost 30 miles a week and ran 2 half marathons. Even with all of my training, I only managed to lose 20 pounds. I tried other programs that promised good results and I would lose a few pounds and gain them back just as quickly. For several months, I was following the posts of my now coach, Marie, and was intrigued by what I was seeing. I was currently nursing my daughter, so Marie introduced me to the modified program for nursing moms. I lost 12 pounds on that program in my first 30 days! I then began fully following the nutritional cleansing program.  I have now been on the program for 9 months and I have released 50 pounds and 100 inches from my body. I have NEVER felt better, more confident, or more aware of my own health and needs."  --Bridget G.,  Franklin Square, NY

"I was introduced to Marie by my sister who was a classmate of Marie's at Muhlenberg College.  Before nutritional cleansing, I was uncomfortable taking pictures with my girlfriends who were all fit.  I wanted to wear more fitted clothes but felt too self-conscious.  Now I have a system in place to maintain my 20lbs weight loss and continue to feel great in my skin!  Living on my own often means I don't cook and I am tempted to eat out, but now with this program I can manage my splurges and still have amazing results!" --Angie S., Hoboken, NJ

"So, I work. A lot. And I have 2 beautiful, bouncy kids. And a husband who also works. I have a house that always seems to be busy and quasi-clean and a growing inbox full of work and school updates. And I try to squeeze yoga in during my lunch breaks. My life is demanding and wonderfully full. So, I'm motivated by results and stuff that works. I discovered nutritional cleansing and it changed my life. Like TOTALLY changed my relationship with my body and my food. #transformative. Why didn't I discover it sooner!? Buh-bye toxins. I ❤ how I feel, how I think, and how I act. I've lost 18 lbs(!) in a really smart way...and all I had to do was open my mind. Yeah. Good stuff."  --Marlene G., Williamstown, NJ

My wife and Marie know each other for many years, and when I was struggling to lose weight my wife suggested I speak to Marie after seeing the amazing results she has posted on Facebook.  I never met Marie before but she got on the phone with me immediately and created a plan for me to start losing weight.  After one month I saw tremendous results losing 20lbs.  Marie was checking in with me via phone and text to keep me focused and motivated.  I have been using her system for over a year now and she is always available to me for one-on-one coaching whenever I need it.  This picture is me putting on my old bathing suit from last year and realizing it was time for a new one!   Thank you Marie, I now have more energy for running around with my 2 kids and feel confident to go shirtless on the beach!  --Dave E., Allentown, PA

"Back in 2013, when my son was 2, I lost about 65lbs and was feeling amazing. Unfortunately, by 2015 I had put some of that weight back on. I was eating a healthy diet, exercising 5 times a week and going to school to become a health coach. While in school I wanted to try every diet theory we would learn each week. I just felt stuck and like nothing would work. I was introduced to nutritional cleansing by my high school friend, Marie Isner. Now with these products in my body I feel amazing! I have released 26 lbs so far and have lost 41 inches all over my body. I am now at a place in my life that I have the confidence to take full body pictures, wear a tank top to the gym, and wear whatever I would like to in my closet. Switching to nutritional cleansing was one of the BEST decisions I made!" --Kerri K.,  Franklin Square, NY

" I have so much more energy and I feel great in my skin now! I didn't realize how much my shape changed over the course of my program until I saw these pictures side by side. I guess I'll finally be saying goodbye to those maternity jeans I'd been wearing! A huge thanks to my coach Marie Ingrisano Isner for getting me here! I'm so excited about this program, and about building a lifetime of good nutrition".  --Cindy B.,  New York, NY

"Before nutritional cleansing, I was tired even thought I was working out regularly.  Once I incorporated this system into my routine, I released 12lbs and got back into my size 6 clothes!  I also have plenty of energy and feel younger than ever! People keep complimenting me on my glowing skin too!"  --Betsy M., Brooklyn, NY