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Here's a few of my most watched video blogs this year.

I reveal who the biggest hater in my life is!

Plus, happy 1 year anniversary to my #videoblog.  

Have you ever heard of "Fail Forward"? Many of us don't tackle things simply because we are afraid to fail.

Why getting started is sometimes the hardest part.

Disappearing your complaints!

I tried to stop complaining, and my complaints got worse!  How I got over it.

What are y'all gonna do when you win Powerball? Or finally get to that mythical magical size 6 you've been dreaming of?? 

Resolutions 101 - How to make resolutions to care about and stick to!

Taking my cook book from dream to reality!  

What dream do you want to make happen?

Oprah buys into Weight Watchers!

Even SHE struggles with her weight, just like me.

Who are the haters in your life? Is it your friends? Co-workers? or Family? Why it doesn't matter what they have to say! 

Are you guilty about taking care of yourself and not even aware of it?

What's the one thing you've always wanted to do but were too afraid? Here's one of mine!